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Membership Registration


Previously the "Honorary" membership. Participants qualify for the Alumni memebership if they are retired, furloghed, and/or recently left the industy and still want to be connected. 


Business travel services buyers for other employees/their company, administer travel policies for their company, and/or plan/manage meetings for their company.


Available to corporate business travel suppliers, technology providers, travel service providers, payment platforms, and consulting firms.


Must be enrolled full-time in a Hospitality/Travel Management education program at an accredited institution. This member may not vote or hold office, however, may serve on committees.

With our industry being settled into the new normal, we are seeking to build our membership and hope to see your name come through as a registered member.

Chapter Membership includes:

  • Discounts for PBTA Events

  • Eligible for Scholarships

  • PBTA Voting Rights (must be registered member by November 30th)

  • PBTA Membership Directory

  • PBTA Volunteer Opportunities

  • PBTA Committee Chair Opportunities

Direct & Allied membership costs: $75

Mailing address:

Pittsburgh Business Travel Association

P.O. Box 44306

Pittsburgh, PA 15205

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